Very important information about fraud prevention.

Redunicre never contacts merchants asking for their customers’ bank data, or asks for debit/credit card numbers or any other identification data of the cardholders.   

Redunicre never gives the merchant the information about the authorization codes to be used before the merchant submits the transaction request or authorization with his customer’s card, because that code only exists after the merchant submits the transaction.

Whenever there are questions about the identification or suitability of the person that contacts the merchant in behalf of Redunicre, you shall contact the Unicre Service Centre, that operates 24/7, by calling the number 213 132 900.

Other procedures may help to diminish the fraud situations.  

Face-to-face sales 

When it comes to face-to-face sales, we recommend that you follow these guidelines:

  • Guarantee that your customers enter the security code (PIN) away from obtrusive eyes;
  • Sensitize your employees to, when they are dealing with your customers, comply the security rules of the bank cards;
  • Always check the expiration date of the card;
  • Always check the condition of the card;
  • Always be very careful reading the messages on the terminal;
  • Keep the invoices in a safe place;
  • As a security add-on, in case of doubt/suspicion about the identity of the user of the card, ask for a valid identification document to confirm it;
  • Never look away from the terminal and always check if the data of the receipt are correct (amount, data and time of the transaction…).

Remote sales

In what concerns to Online Sales, to diminish the fraud situations we advise you to follow these procedures:

  • Always get authorization for all the purchases orders. The authorizations show if the card is valid, in which conditions shall be used and if it has enough balance to perform the transaction; Always obtain the security code associated to the card of the customer (CVV2/CVC2);
  • Keep a register of the purchases made by the Customer. Fraud is less likely to exist if you keep a regular business relationship with the Customer (greater than 6 months);
  • Establish and analyse the maximum amounts of each Customer; Determine the frequency of the transactions performed by the same Customer;
  • Keep registers of the deliver addresses used by the Customer; in case the goods are of high value, check the purchase with the Customer;
  • Keep a list with registers of returns or complaints based on the delivery address;
  • In case a return is requested, guarantee that it is always made for the card that performed the transaction, whenever possible, and if you specifically receive orders through fax, mail or telephone, always ask for a Customer’s signature on the order form.