Brand choice at payment terminals: no impact on users

Important information

According to the European Regulation 751/2015, the possibility of selecting the payment brand by card users came into effect on June 6. It should be emphasized that the choice of the payment brand does not change the form of payment at all.    

The new possibility is optional at the available payment terminal, the brand through which they want to make the payment of their purchases: VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard, Maestro or Multibanco. Choosing one of these brands, selecting it at the payment terminal,has no influence on the functioning of the card. .

The definition of the payment as debit or credit depends exclusively on the card used. Then: Assim:  

Users have no additional costs with the brand option and merchants pay the discount taxes hired, according to the transaction made – debit or credit. The order in which the brands are shown on the terminals is related to the main brand of the card. The first option corresponds to the main brand of the user’s card.

Unicre, through its brands, Redunicre and Unibanco, is informing its clients – merchants and card users – clarifying the doubts about this new option. Redunicre is also contacting all its merchants network, through several means, giving them detailed information about the functioning of the new option and the available services at the payment terminals.

For this purpose, the email and the number 213 132 900 were made available.